So this was a simple and easy build, not all my videos are as strait foreward as this one. Not much use actual use for this project, but it is fun to build and shoot. 

To make it all you need is some balsa wood that is 1/2 X 1/4 inch by about six inch's long. I bought my piece at Micheal's  but most craft / hobby stores will carry it. Then you will need two two inch safety pins, two t-pins feathers, one shish kabob stick, floss, super glue, 100 grit sand paper. and thats about it. 
So, I tried to cover everything that I could in this tutorial but I wanted to make it under 15 min. so that you didn't get bored. So I am going to give some helpful links here.
Buy Paracord here
My favorite Youtube whip-maker: bernie46 watch his videos they are great for learning how to make bullwhips, most of what I learned it was from him.
I will post more information as I think of it or as you ask questions.

This was over 10 hours of video that I condensed down to less than 8 minutes.  It is an 8 foot bull from the thong down to the cracker. This is the third bullwhip that I have made and it turned out awesome has a very nice fluid motion & cracks very easy and loud. I used about 350 feet of 550 Paracord, its wonderful stuff to work with and very strong, making a long lasting whip. Since it was uploaded I have had a tone of requests to do a step by step tutorial. So I will do just that. A bullwhip is kind ok a long build so it is going to take a few videos to show the whole thing. 

If you don't have the talent to build one I would be willing to build one for $200.00 But you can buy one cheaper on ebay  click here: 

Two years ago I made my first pvc bow and it worked great, shot great and it still does. The problem was that it was kind of a tough build. Unless you had certain tools you wouldn't have been able to make it. But this Generation Two bow anybody can make. Lowes sells the 3/4" X 5' schedule 40 PVC pipe already cut. And the fiberglass rods are available at farm supply places like Cal Ranch or IFA.The bow string can be bought online on this link: 56" bowstring. So get busy and make yourself one of these, they are a blast to shoot and not very expensive, I think that I have around $15.00 into it so fare. 
So here it is this is how I add accessories to my bows. Attach anything from a bow sight to a bow fishing reel. Made from a 1 inch PVC pipe and it snaps onto the 3/4 perfect. I'm using my to bow fish with and it is working out perfect. 


These thunder mugs are awesome, my father makes them and they look cool on the shelf.  When you fire them, they sound like thunder ten feet from your ear. They are loud! Thunder mugs are great for the holidays and unlike e-legal m-80's they won't get you a stay in jail. 

This was my first time lapse and I think that it turned out pretty cool.

To use the the thunder mug: Cut a piece of cannon fuse about two inches long, insert it into the fuse hole. Then dump about 100 grains of black powder or pyrodex in the mug wad up some paper or cloth and press it tight against the powder, light the fuse and get back.

These are awesome and easy to make all you need is some newspaper, potassium nitrate (KNO3), tinfoil, and some athletic tape. You can buy Kno3 (HERE). Or you can buy it at a garden supply store as stump remover. Cannon fuse can be bought (HERE: The rest of the materials should be easy to find. These fireworks should be treated with care they are fairly safe but could still burn you or start a possible fire. Make at your own risk. 
Wheat nuts are pretty dagnam'n good and so easy and dirt cheap to make. A lot of people already have wheat in there food storage and if you don't it is real inexpensive to purchase. All you need to make this is wheat red or white it makes no difference. Cooking oil of any kind (I used olive oil). I think that coconut oil, almond oil would be good choices, if you are trying to make a healthy snack. And last you need some type of topping, I used ranch powder out of the little package (it is used to make a ranch dip) you can buy it in bulk at Sam's Club. You could used any topping that you would like. makes some toppings that would be good.
This was a fun project and supper easy to build. All you need is a pad of leather, I used an old boot. But one could use almost anything made from leather: like the back of moms couch, a leather coat. Also the boot-laces worked ok on the sling, but were old and had the possibility of breaking, if you used newer laces it would work better. I used para cord on my sling witch worked great and its inexpensive. So go build you on of these, they are allot of fun. Let me know what you think.

Parts List

1-2 part epoxy
1-1/2" X 14" PVC Pipe
1-1/2 PVC Coupler
1-PVC Glue
1-3/4" Thread to 1/2 PVC Coupler
1-1 1/2" X 1/2" Thread Cap
1-2" X 1 1/2" Tee-Wye Fitting
1-2" ABS Clean-out Adapter
1-BBQ Striker
Note: Use Only Schedule 40 PVC fittings. 

I was able to pick up all the items that I needed from the local hardware store cost was about $25.00. Pretty easy build, most could make it. 

Most any propellent will work good. I use a plastic adhesion promoter, witch works awesome. LINK: AERO-MAX AM865

My dad taught me how to do this when I was just in high school. It is a fun project, but be careful. Simple to make I just cut a spoke out from the rim. Flip the nipple around. Add a little tape as a handle an bam its done. I use a little bit of powder from a match and number 7 lead shot press it in the barrel and then set it over a flame.